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Frequently Asked Questions

As you can imagine McGuire's Buildings gets a lot of questions about buildings and how they're built, how they are delivered, will it rust, how long should it last, do you have a guarantee, etc. Please look over the  questions listed here. If your's isn't one of them please call us at one of the numbers listed at the top of the page or email us at:

Q. How do you deliver my building to me?
A. We use a specially designed flatbed truck to deliver your building fully assembled right to you.

Q. How much space is needed to get my building into my yard?
A. Typically we need a horizontal clearance of 1' to 2' in addition to the width of the building and we need an overhead clearance of at least 13'. And yes, we've put buildings in with much less than this. We appreciate as much room as your location will allow! We'll come out and check your location if necessary to see if it's possible to deliver your building. If not, see the next question!

Q. What if you can't get the building into my backyard?
A. Usually trimming a tree limb, removing a gate or a fence post will help. If for any reason we can't access your yard to deliver your building we can build it on-site.

Q. How long does it take to get a building?
A. If you choose a building that we have in stock, we can usually deliver it within a 1 to 2 weeks. If you order a custom building, it typically takes three+ weeks. Delivery is dependant on the weather. Inclement weather will delay the delivery of your building.

Q. Will my building rust?
A. No. Whether you choose aluminum, steel or vinyl siding these are mostly maintenance free. We recommend an occasional washing to remove dirt build up. We also use stainless steel siding screws to prevent rust from the fasteners. Wood sided buildings, like your home, require more maintenance.

Q. Do you offer custom door and window placements?
A. Yes, and at no additional cost to you. Doors and windows can be placed anywhere on a wall provided it doesn't effect the structural integrity of the building.

Q. Can a garage door be placed in any wall?
A. Garage doors can be placed in a wall if the wall height, and width, permits. As well, this depends on the specific building type you select.

Q. Do you offer electrical outlets/lights?
A. Yes. However, electrical outlets and lights should be connected per the National Electrical Code by a licensed electrician. We can also add additional lights and outlets as you require. The major cost for electrical service is installing wiring from your home to the storage building. The safe approach is to have a local licensed electrician connect the wiring for interior lights, outlets, and switches once your building is in place.

Q. Are anchoring kits included with your building?
A. No. However, we can provide them at an additional cost.

Q. Do I need a permit to put the building in my yard?
A. In areas where our customers can buy a permit from their county governments we recommend that you do. In areas where you cannot obtain these we will do this for an additional fee. Please check with your local county ordinances.
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